Hi, I'm Nathan.
Freelance Product Owner.


Freelance product owner and digital analyst with 5 years of experience in product management.
Looking for new challenging projects to take on along digital leaders.

Based in Brussels, Belgium. Available to work remotely.

  • Product Owner — Odoo S.A.
    Aug 2018 — Nov 2022
    • Coordinated the design, development, testing, and deployment of 1700+ features and improvements across different apps/scopes
    • Designed the product roadmap while acting as the liaison between the product, its end users, the management committee, and the consultant, support, and marketing teams
    • Studied the market/customers’ needs and collected feedback to translate to user stories
    • Conducted user tests to identify pain points and improve user experience and onboarding
    • Designed entire apps and features through wireframes, mockups, and iterative prototypes
    • Led 60+ developers across 6 different teams, in-house, remotely, and offshore
    • Manifested significant technical expertise to foster collaboration and efficiency working with both front- and back-end developers
    • Collaborated with and coached other product owners and departments on a regular basis as the framework expert
  • Business Analyst — Odoo S.A.
    Oct 2017 — Aug 2018
    • Assessed client needs and integrated the Odoo ERP into their business
    • Managed 15 different projects in various industries (healthcare, tech, retail, engineering, manufacturing, etc.)
    • Conducted presales ROI analyses for larger projects
    • Acquired crucial technical skills to customise the solution to the client needs, and coached other consultants on customisation
  • Business Intelligence Internship — Fujitsu Technology Solutions
    Jan 2017 — Jun 2017
    • Mission: Improve the account selection and targeting to add maximum value to the business
    • Designed and developed a centralised and customisable VBA dabatase to enable management to centralise prospect data and improve lead targeting
    • Exceeded expectations in terms of complexity and customisation
  • Financial Reporting Internship — Fujitsu Technology Solutions
    Jul 2015
    • Mission: Automate the monthly financial reporting processes while improving their accuracy and harmonisation
    • Created a complex database to automate financial reporting processes and report the relevant data
    • Provided management with a deeper analysis toolkit for their financial reporting
  • Master of Science in Business Engineering
    Louvain School of Management (LSM)
    2015 — 2017
  • Exchange Semester in Business Management
    University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, Australia — Business School
  • Bachelor in Business Engineering
    Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL)
    2012 — 2015

Nathan has a very rare profile in the tech world because he's an extremely sociable person. He's able to step up the general communication game of his environment as well as creating real social bonds with the team he works with.
But even better, that set of skills does not mean he's short on the tech side. On the opposite, he was one of the most technically-oriented Product Owner we had at Odoo, and was responsible of our technical framework.
All in all, Nathan is a very good fit if you're looking for a team player to reinforce a technical squad as he's able to get the best of developers while listening to what they have to say and understanding what it all means.

― Luc Nailis, Product Owner at Odoo

Nathan is super knowledgeable, intelligent, creative, and fun. With such qualities, let me assure you it is a pleasure to work with him!
As a Product Owner at Odoo, it was incredible how he helped me grasp our products' technical and business aspects in a very uncomplicated fashion.
If I were to build a new product or business, I'd be delighted to do it with Nathan!

― Jonathan Castillo, Marketing Team Leader at Odoo